Hi, I'm Robin.
I help cultural heritage professionals become more confident and effective teachers.
I’ve worked in museums, libraries, archives, and special collections for over a decade. I recently planned a national conference about power, resistance, and leadership.
I’m the world’s first primary source literacy librarian, a position I crafted after co-authoring these guidelines. I co-created TeachArchives.org, work with the folks at MuseumDev, and teach courses at Library Juice Academy.
My book 410 Measurable Learning Outcomes for Primary Source Literacy  is currently under peer review, and I made a 3 minute educational video called What are archives?.

I regularly lead workshops, run trainings, and evaluate programs. If you’d like to work together, say hello!

I am also one of the organizers of the community event series Creative Neighbors – if you’re in Los Angeles, stop on by!

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Robin M Katz